Sample Thank Note Gift Cards

Sample Thank Note Gift Cards ? Did you receive a gift card for your birthday, high school graduation, or Christmas? Below are some examples of thank-you notes for gift cards. These letters will show your gratitude, let the sender know your received your gift, and demonstrate politeness.

Sample Thank Note Gift Cards

Sample Thank Note Gift Cards

These letters are best when handwritten, using a thank-you card or stationary. If necessary, you can write these on school notebook paper. It is best to send these thank-you notes within three weeks. However, sending one late is better than not sending one at all.

Sample Thank-You Note for Christmas Gift Card

Sample Thank Note Gift Cards Sample Thank Note Gift Cards

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I was thrilled to receive your gift card to the Gap! I am looking forward to using it to buy some new jeans and maybe a shirt. Hoping to find some great after-Christmas sales and put it to good use. Thank – you very much! This is a wonderful gift, and I sincerely appreciate your generosity! Thank-you for being such great grandparents. I look forward to seeing you sometime this summer.



Sample Thank-You Note for Birthday Gift Card

Dear Melissa,

Thank-you very much for the gift card to Target for Trace’s birthday. I plan to let Trace pick out a new shirt, shoes, or maybe a toy with it. Gift cards are perfect gifts! I know he will enjoy choosing his birthday gift from you. Thank -you!

Also, thank-you for coming to Trace’s birthday party. It was great to visit with you and hear all about your new job. Hope to see you again at the 4th of July picnic.

Thanks again for the wonderful birthday gift!


Mike, Teresa and Trace

Sample Thank-You Note for Graduation Gift Card

Dear Aunt Julie and Uncle Felipe,

I was thrilled to receive your graduation card and gift yesterday! Thank-you so much for the gift card to Hobby Lobby. It is a fabulous gift. I plan to use it for cute dorm decorations and maybe art supplies. My dorm room will look a little more cheerful thanks to you!

Also thank-you for all of support and encouragement over the years. I am truly blessed to have the two of you in my life. Thanks for being such great mentors! I love you!



These are just three sample thank -you letters for gift cards. For additional ideas on how to word your thank-you note, please read, “What to Say on Graduation Thank-You Notes” and “Sample Thank-You Notes for Christmas Gifts.”

Kudos to you for writing your thank-you notes! Your friend, grandparent or whoever will be glad to receive them.

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