Samsung – 30″ Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Range – Stainless Steel

Samsung 30" Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Range

Samsung 30″ Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Range: 

You can rapidly boil water, gently heat sauces, make pancakes and more using this Samsung gas range, which features a stovetop griddle and 5 cooktop burners, including a 17,000 BTU power burner and a 5,000 BTU simmer burner. Prepare a delicious roast, multiple casseroles or enough cookies for your loved ones with the 5.8 cu. ft. oven, which offers you plenty of space. If you’re too busy to stay home and cook, just use the delay-start feature to program the start time in advance.


Product Features

5 cooktop burners deliver between 5,000 BTUs and 17,000 BTUs of heat

To provide versatile cooking options.

Rapidly bring water to a boil and quickly heat food

The power burner offers 17,000 BTUs.

Heat delicate foods without scorching

The 5,000 BTU simmer burner provides a low-heat option.

Easily move pots and pans between burners

Continuous, matte cast-iron grates and an enamel cooktop offer a durable design.

Cook pancakes, eggs, grilled sandwiches and other foods

The stovetop griddle lets you prepare a variety of foods and can be removed for easy cleanup.

Remove stuck-on foods in your oven

The self-clean function eliminates the need to scrub by doing the cleaning for you.

5.8 cu. ft. oven capacity with 2 oven racks

Holds a large roast, multiple casserole dishes or several racks of cookies to accommodate a variety of cooking tasks.

Storage drawer provides 0.7 cu. ft. of space

To store cookie sheets, cooling racks and other cooking and baking supplies.

Variable broil allows custom broiling

You can set the temperature from 375° to 480°. Bake temperatures from 150° to 550° offer a wide range of heat options.

Delay-start allows you to program the start time in advance

So you can accommodate your busy schedule.

Kitchen timer makes it easy to coordinate large meals

3 easy-cook presets enable you to make option selections quickly. The child safety lock helps prevent unsupervised use.

Gas connector is sold separately and is not included.

Required for Installation:

All gas range purchases require a gas line hookup kit be purchased from Best Buy. If a gas line hookup kit is not purchased, your delivery will be drop-off only. Find a hookup kit in the accessories section on this page.

Antitip Bracket:

Our home delivery teams or installers are required to install an antitip bracket at no additional charge. Refusal of antitip bracket installation results in a drop-off only delivery, no connections will be completed.

Required parts sold separately

Find essential parts for installation in the accessories section on this page.

Level the appliance

Our home delivery teams offer anti-tip bracket installation at no additional charge. This bracket is essential for safe operation, and Best Buy won’t be able to complete your connections without it.

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