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Thursday, February 6, 2020


Wasserstein 40% OFF

Our Mission is to provide you with thoughtful products for your smart home

We at Wasserstein Home have one mission and one mission only and that is to bring you thoughtful products for your smart home. A few years back when the smart home revolution began we were thrilled about its impact on our daily lives. Our first smart home product was for Dropcam Pro (which was later bought by Nest/Google and re-branded as Nest Cam). We thought of various way the mounting and charging of the Nest Cam could be improved et voila - Wasserstein was born.

Since the ancient days of Dropcam a LOT has changed and we have designed and manufactured a wide selection of thoughtful accessory for a wide variety of smart home systems: Nest, Ring , Arlo, Alexa, Google Home and many more. Wasserstein accessories will make your smart home even smarter.

Combining Manufacturing and Retail - How Wasserstein Home came to be and why you should buy from us

We initially only sold our products on Amazon but soon the success of our products also caught the attention of the smart home merchants at Bestbuy, Home Depot, Target and Walmart.

The more we sold through various retailers, the more we realized that we could offer superior value to our customers by directly bundling our accessories with the smart home brands that you have come to love - so Wasserstein-Home.com was born. A place for all your smart home needs - our own accessories bundled with the smart home brands that you have come to love. We are able to offer you smart home products at unbeatable prices because of the the lack of middlemen, sky-high referral fees and the magic of bundling. 

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